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Air Flight Safety (And the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health)

by Monica Montesa

This week in travel certainly started on the wrong foot, when a plane traveling from South Korea crash landed in San Francisco this past Sunday. Out of the 307 passengers and crew on the plane, two teenage girls were killed and around 180 were injured. Luckily, many were able to walk away from the crash. As of now, the cause of the crash has been attributed to the jet traveling below the target speed for a safe landing.

Considering the recent Asiana Flight tragedy, as well as another plane crash that occurred in Alaska also on Sunday, flying is still the safest way to travel. But before you book your next flight, it won’t hurt to select one of the safest seats on the plane and wear the right clothing to improve your chances of surviving a crash. Knock on wood.

Don’t let recent events deter you from traveling internationally—especially if you have kids. A recent study found that children today are becoming much more globalized and cultured, thanks to their international vacations. In fact, most British kids will visit 11 countries by the time they’re 16.

And if you are considering traveling the globe for vacation, one place you should watch out for is Egypt. Numerous travel warnings have been issued by countries all over the world, as a result of civil unrest in the region. Before planning or heading on a trip to visit the pyramids in Egypt, be sure to check to see if your government has issued any travel warnings to the country.

The place to be this week? Spain, for Pamplona’s San Fermin festival— the event where thousands participate in the running of the bulls.

If you’re already in Spain or will be traveling to another part of Europe, here’s a quick guide from Huffington Post to help you learn how to say “beer’’ in various countries. Of course, be sure to read up on local drinking laws and drink safely whenever you travel.

And now for the really good news. Hotel chain-giant InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) predicted that ten years from now, all hotels will have to offer free Wi-Fi in order to keep up with the Joneses. Yes, the cries of the tech-savvy customers are finally being heard. Thirty dollars for a night of Wi-Fi or even an Ethernet hookup just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You only have to wait another ten years until you’ll no longer worry about checking Facebook.



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