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Best Airline Beds in the Sky

by John Miller

Airplane BedsIf uncomfortably narrow seats and unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep while sitting upright have tainted your memory of flying economy-class style, you’re not alone.

While many would say seat comfort is one of the most important aspects of flying, some airlines have taken over-the-top measures to make sure their passengers have the best of the best, from incredible airline beds to 5-star dining and big LCD TVs.

Delta Airlines recently announced they’ve teamed up with Westin Hotels to bring their Heavenly bedding to business class cabins, as part of a greater plan to improve the in-flight experience for all passengers. In addition to the signature plush comforters and linens, business class passengers will soon be able to enjoy full flat-beds with direct access to aisles on long distance flights.

As Delta makes a splash domestically, there are plenty of other fabulous ways first-class passengers are traveling around the world. Check out these sleep-friendly airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines – Pull-out beds are one thing. Totally encapsulated cabins with hand-stitched Italian leather and burrwood trimmings are another. First class travelers get to enjoy plush Givenchy bedding, a complimentary pair of bedroom slippers (even though you’d probably want to just lay in bed for the whole trip), and a 23-inch LCD TV (a feature on every first class cabin on this list). And if you’re traveling with a loved one, units located in the middle of the cabin can even be combined into a double bed.
  • Emirates Airlines – These First Class Private Suites feature massage-enabled leather seats that convert into flatbeds with a comfortable mattress. The suites also include a personal mini-bar, ambient lighting, and a sliding door for privacy. Oh, and after you wake up from what will be a fantastic sleep, you can refresh in one of the airline’s Shower Spas, which provides passengers with a hot five-minute shower – finally, you can say goodbye to the grimy feeling that comes along with traveling!
  • Japan Airlines – The latest upgrade to first class cabins on Japan Airlines, the JAL suite features mattresses developed by JAL and Tempur that have been specially designed to evenly distribute the pressure and weight of your body. Rest your head on the signature Symphony pillows and rest, or watch TV on your LCD TV in your woodgrain-lined cabin.
  • Lufthansa – Even though Lufthansa reduced the number of first class suites, they did upgrade each one to include both a seat and a bed. We’ll find reason to forgive them, especially since the beds are six and a half feet long and are topped with cloud-like mattresses and comfortable duvets.

If you find yourself looking to upgrade your travels, be sure to check out the extra amenities and comfort-features you can find on the airline. But if you’re taking the red-eye in economy, try some of these tricks to make sure you get quality sleep.

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