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Gardening Time Savers

by Amanda Crandall

Person using a gardening tool in dirt for planting.

Gardening Time Savers

– Taking the DIY approach to lawn and garden care has many advantages, such as saving money and offering some fresh air and exercise, but sometimes it can turn into a timely endeavor. By the time you round up tools and supplies, figure out a plan of action and get working, you could easily lose half of your day to lawn care.

By approaching lawn and garden care smartly however, you can still have time for many other activities with family and friends. Here are five best practices from the experts at Ames True Temper that are sure to be time savers for you this year:

Get organized. Nothing\’s more frustrating than not having a shovel or watering can on hand when you need it most. Reorganize your shed or garage on a regular basis. It will help you keep track of what you have and what you need. A quick trip to your local garden center will be more productive when armed with a shopping list.

Make a plan. Draw a map or layout of what you\’d like each of your garden beds to look like. Label the plants that you\’d like to use in particular areas; this way you\’ve got clear direction.

Use multipurpose, time-saving garden tools. There are many steps when it comes to outdoor projects, and the more motions you can cut out, the better. The Ames Planter\’s Pal is a multipurpose hand-held tool that offers seven functions in one. Whether weeding, cutting twine, opening a bag of mulch or digging a hole, the Planters Pal has all of your needs covered. Another time saver is the Ames Water Genie, a lightweight innovative watering can that connects to your spigot. A retractable hose housed inside the watering can design allows you to walk around your yard and patio to water plants with precision, without having to walk back and forth for a water refill or to turn the spigot on and off.

Take preventive steps. Edge your gardens, and lay landscape fabric between the mulch and ground to prevent weeds from cropping up among your plants. This will help save time otherwise spent weeding.

Get the family involved. The more helping hands you have, the easier it will be to get the job done. Ames True Temper makes a line of real Kids Garden tools so it\’s easy for everyone to help out.

Once you\’re equipped with the right tools and know-how, you\’ll be able to create and maintain a beautiful lawn and garden in no time. For more great tips, visit www.ames.com.


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