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Decorate Your Rental Apartment

by Amanda Crandall

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Decorate Your Rental Apartment

If you\’re looking to add a few personal touches to your rental property without the risk of losing your security deposit, don\’t fret. There are many tricks, techniques and tools to help you update your place, and leave it looking picture perfect when you leave. Here\’s a room-by-room guide:

Living Room

  • If you\’re looking to cover less than attractive flooring, but don\’t want to purchase a rug to fit a specific area, consider purchasing FLOR Carpet Tiles. These tiles can cover wood or linoleum flooring temporarily, and can be fit together in a variety of sizes. These carpet tiles can also be reused later in another property.
  • Make a room seem larger by hanging mirrors. Consider purchasing inexpensive full-length mirrors and hanging three to four vertically side-by-side. Or, set the mirrors against an entryway table or side table to avoid the need to hang them.
  • Maximize window space by swapping out the current window treatments for curtains. Hang the curtains higher and wider than the window, so that you get all the sunlight possible, while making the window seem larger.
  • Hang artwork using nail-free products that won\’t damage the walls.


  • If you\’re apartment boasts French doors that offer little privacy, not to worry. You can purchase window film to create a beautiful, yet private space. When you\’re ready to move, the film can be removed without leaving residue behind.
  • For those renters who don\’t have the option of painting over white walls, add color via window treatments, bed spreads and throw pillows.
  • For extra storage, purchase two or four plastic bins with lids. Measure the length of one to two bins set side-by-side in the manner that will best fit your space. Then go to a home improvement store and have someone cut down a piece of inexpensive lumber to make a level surface. Simply toss fabric over the bins, and then decorate with your vanity accessories. Use the bins to store out of season clothing.


  • Give the tiles in your bathroom a makeover with Mibo Tile Tattoos. These waterproof stickers allow you to add a designer\’s touch to basic tiles, but can be easily removed as soon as you\’re ready to turn in the key.
  • For small bathrooms, think storage solutions. Over-the-commode shelving, over-the-door hooks and other storage options will help make the most of your small space without the need to add holes to the walls.
  • Using existing towel rods, purchase baskets and curtain rings with clips. Simply place the curtain rings (two each) on the towel rod; then clip on the baskets to store towels products, etc.


  • If you have space for shelving, hang your pots and pans using hooks. Then, use the shelf space to display colorful glassware using trays to use as buffers to protect dishes from scratching, especially if you use metal shelves.
  • Add splashes of color with dish towels, tea towels, napkins and other linens. Consider framing a selection of four and hanging above your kitchen sink. Skip the need for nails by using no-nail products.

Dining Room

  • Step up the look of your dining room with temporary wallpaper.
  • Make your own statement piece artwork. Using a cork board, cut small squares of card stock or construction paper and arrange as you see fit. In this way, you can get a burst of color. Simply set upon a table against the wall to avoid having to hang the piece.



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