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Stress Less on Your Next Family Vacation

by Nafees Mamnoon

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Stress Less on Your Next Family Vacation

6 tips for a laid-back getaway

A vacation is all about getting away and taking a break from the pressures of daily life. Some smart planning and the use of handy travel apps can help ensure your next adventure is a stress-free success.

Create a Travel Buffer
When booking your trip, plan an extra day or two on the front and back ends of your travel itinerary. This provides you with optimal time to finalize preparations, organize your packing and avoid last-minute scrambles. On the return trip, the added day gives you some cushion so you don’t have to stress about getting back to work if there are travel delays. You’ll also have a chance to unpack, unwind and settle back into your home before diving back into your daily grind.

Get Smart About Saving
One easy way to take the stress out of vacation planning is to use digital resources to save time and money. An option like a sightseeing pass from Go City offers savings on attractions and activities. A single pass grants access to multiple iconic landmarks and unmissable experiences in more than 25 cities across four continents. For example, in San Antonio you can take advantage of a Natural Bridge Caverns discovery package, or in New York City, you’ll be able to access the iconic and family-friendly exhibits at the Empire State Building.

Know When Less is More
Overpacking may seem like a strategy for reducing stress, since you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way. However, many travelers find the opposite is true. Packing light means you’re more agile when it comes to transportation and have fewer things to keep track of or worry about losing. An added benefit: with fewer wardrobe options, you can focus your attention where it really belongs – enjoying your destination.

Keep Plans Loose
A rigid agenda only causes angst. The reality of travel is that you’re likely to, somehow or someway, get off schedule and fall behind. The ripple effect can quickly throw off an entire day, so a better bet is to keep plans flexible. With Go City’s mobile-based passes and flexible plan-as-you-go capabilities, travelers have the freedom to set their own schedules. It\’s no problem if you decide to linger over breakfast on your visit to Los Angeles; the whale watching adventure will be there when you’re ready. If you decide to make a stop at the beach on your San Diego getaway, no worries. You’ll still be able to scan your pass for kayaking later that day or even following days.

Prioritize Sleep and Relaxing Activities
You may be tempted to make the most of every moment of your trip but allowing ample down time to rest and recharge helps keep everyone feeling fresh and ready to tackle each new activity with enthusiasm. Being tired takes the joy out of traveling, and it can lead to cranky meltdowns among the littlest travelers (and sometimes the bigger ones, too). That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a nap every single day, but you might consider alternating extra busy days with more laid-back activities so you don’t find yourself running on empty.

Have Contingency Plans
At home, things don’t always go according to plan, so you shouldn’t expect them to when you’re on the road. While planning for your trip, do some research on backup activities you can do if your original plans fall apart. If rain hampers your day at the amusement park, knowing you can easily access tickets to the indoor aquarium or family-friendly museum nearby can save the day. Use the same mindset when planning for your accommodations and meals. Overbooking and extended wait times won’t foil you if you have alternatives in mind.

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