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5 Ways Fuel-Injected Lawn Tractors Will Change How You Mow

by Melissa Paine

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5 Ways Fuel-Injected Lawn Tractors Will Change How You Mow

The term “fuel-injected engine” is most closely tied to engines for high-performance cars – both on the road and on the race track. Now this popular technology is making its way to yards around the country with the introduction of fuel-injected residential lawn mowers.

The first manufacturer to offer this innovation in a residential lawn tractor – the single-cylinder XT Enduro Series – Cub Cadet now offers a v-twin electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engine, which has undergone a rigorous certification process with hundreds of hours of testing and more than 60 qualification tests to deliver premium quality and strength.

Here are five benefits EFI engines can provide that will change the way homeowners cut the grass.

  1. Better performance. Precise metering of fuel being fed to the engine optimizes performance for a better overall mowing experience. An electronic control unit uses sensors around the engine to deliver the exact amount of fuel needed, which compensates for variations in load, speed, fuels, temperatures and pressures to supply the engine with the right dose of fuel for maximum performance.
  2. Fewer fill-ups. EFI engines deliver excellent fuel consumption, using up to 25 percent less fuel than standard carbureted engines. That means less time refilling the gas tank and more time enjoying the lawn.
  3. Less maintenance. Many maintenance issues with lawn mowers are related to carburetors. Because EFI engines don’t have carburetors, it is one less thing to worry about and results in fewer oil changes. There are also no special actions needed to prep the fuel tank for winter, such as draining any fuel left in the tank.
  4. Reduced gasoline emissions. Less fuel consumption means less gasoline emissions. The fuel injection technology used on Cub Cadet riding mowers actually goes a step further with oxygen sensors in the engine’s muffler that continuously monitor the amount of fuel injected and adjust the system accordingly to only use the amount needed.
  5. Push-button starting. With EFI engines, a simple push of a button starts the lawn tractor. Plus, it starts in all weather conditions with no choke necessary.

“This is the latest example of innovation homeowners are seeing in their lawn equipment,” said Emily Sword, director of Cub Cadet marketing. “With more efficient performance and less maintenance, it means less time worrying about your lawn and more time enjoying it.”

Find more information about the latest innovations and technology in lawn equipment at CubCadet.com, or visit your local independent retailer, Tractor Supply Company or The Home Depot.


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