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Designing A Classic And Versatile Mosman Garden

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This multi-award winning garden from Outdoor Establishments was a two stage process. The Melleray Gardens were initially redesigned from 2011-2012 on the lower levels, with the ‘bones’ of the upper garden gently updated later on, co-director Mathew Hook describes. Stage two was delivered in 2015, with the completion of the rear garden, and the introduction of the Eco Cladding from Eco Outdoor.

The brief from the client was to create a beautiful and comfortable space for entertaining, and spending time with loved ones. Mathew explains ‘the garden was really designed to be a space for family, meaning plenty of room for games and recreation.’ Due to the two stage development, the team were able to develop a strong relationship with both the owners and the site, and watch how the garden grew and changed over time. Mathew highlights how the garden grew-up with the owners, and the cubby house has now been extended to include an outdoor gym!

The design uses sandstone throughout the project, much of which was recycled from the original renovation of the house. Mathew describes the meticulous and time-consuming work of spending 6 months on the large stone wall that retains the upper garden levels, over the swimming pool and pool house. After the success of this design, the 2015 iteration was envisaged to continue with similar materials in the lower garden. Mathew explains ‘Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback was the answer for us!’

The use of recycled brick paving and sandstone walls reflect Sydney’s construction histroy, and connects the project to the surrounding neighbourhood. These materials are brought to life by the surrounding north shore plant species, including the blooms of Frangipani, Magnolia and Camellia. The addition of newly planted trees required some inventive operational work (craning in Olive and Jacaranda trees!), as well as establishing topiary Buxus, Bougainvillea, and Rhapis Palms.

Not only is this project an epic two-stage feat, but the horticulture team have been maintaining this garden on a weekly basis since 2012. Mathew explains that ‘as with all gardens, some things didn’t work out, and we have been able to address that and make improvements over the years.’ A lesson in allowing things to grow and develop, and reminder that good things take time!

Eco Outdoor specialises in natural stone flooring and walling, together with outdoor furniture and fabrics to create an inspiring life outdoors. Eco Outdoor is committed to innovative products that maintain integrity and quality and possess an organic aesthetic that transcends style and age gracefully.

The Mellery Gardens in Mosman, by Outdoor Establishments, in collaboration with BKH Architects, Hampton Architects and Trend Constructions. Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone is featured on the garden wall. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Designed for maximum room for relaxed outdoor entertaining. An incredible firepit made with Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone. Malua lounge and chair by Eco Outdoor. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

The materials reference the build history of the surrounding Sydney environment. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

A serene dinner space. Eco Outdoor Bremer dining table is surrounded by Eco Outdoor Kotti outdoor dining armchairs. Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone lines the outdoor dining area. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Welcome to the Mellery Gardens.  Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

The brick, sandstone and Eco Outdoor cladding is offset by the verdant greenery. Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone in background. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Pull up a seat in this calming Sydney garden. The bench seat was formed with Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Plenty of space to relax. The bench seat was formed with Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback Freeform Stone. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Topiary mixes with native Sydney north shore plants. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

A quiet reading corner, against the monumental sandstone wall of the pool house. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

This sandtone wall reuses material from a previous home renovation on site. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

A two stage project…worth waiting for! Nullica daybed and Ayr umbrella by Eco Outdoor. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

The Eco Outdoor crackenback fits perfectly with the brick and sandstone materials Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

Take a splash, surrounded by trees. Nullica daybed and Ayr umbrella by Eco Outdoor. Photo – Natalie Hunfalvay.

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