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Is This The Most Unique Accommodation In Victoria?

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If you’re looking for a truly unique Victorian getaway, look no further than Alkira Eco-Glamping Retreat!

About three years ago, owner Emily Stygall and her family renovated this space, that was formerly a mudbrick, open-air artist’s studio. The family installed lime-rendered straw bale walls for insulation and fire prevention (‘Straw-bale is a natural fire retardant. Yes, some find it hard to believe, but Google it to confirm!’ asserts Emily), that help instil that cosy feeling!

A semi-outdoor kitchen and bathroom was also installed in this process, using mostly recycled timber and iron. These spaces are simple but perfectly practical, with the kitchen containing everything from a microwave to a toaster, kettle and even a baby Weber Q! Several vintage fittings were also added during the renovations, such as old windows and doors collected by Emily’s mum who previously ran antique stalls.

Emily and her husband have owned the property Alkira is on, including their main house, for 14 years. They welcomed their first guests to the renovated accommodation hut about two years ago. Not only is the space surrounded by forest-like land, it offers views across the Yarra Ranges from the breakfast bar windows. Dreamy! ‘Everyone always comments on the feel of the place. It has this calming, cosy and relaxing feel as soon as you walk through the door,’ Emily says.

‘It’s like a farm stay experience. We have alpacas (Al and Kira), cows, horses, a cheeky pony, and some not so friendly geese! They won’t be the only animals you see – the birdlife is incredible up here,’ Emily says. ‘You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and at peace.’

Find out more at Alkiraglamping.com.

Sunlight streams through the gumtrees at Alkira Eco-Glamping Retreat. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

The semi-outdoor kitchen was made using offcuts of timber found around the 40-acre property! Photo – Jaccob McKay.

The walls in Alkira are insulated with straw bales that help regulate the temperate and are fire retardant. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

Many of the items in Alkira were collected from op-shops and antique stores. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

The interiors of Alkira are warm and inviting. No ‘roughing it’ style camping necessary! Photo – Jaccob McKay.

Old windows and doors collected by Emily’s mum, who previously ran antique stalls, are included in the space. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

The bathroom is also made from predominantly recycled materials. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

The property is located in Emerald just outside Melbourne and is surrounded by beautiful, old trees. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

‘We have alpacas (Al and Kira), cows, horses, a cheeky pony, and some not so friendly geese!’ says owner Emily Stygall. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

Alkira Eco-Glamping Retreat is a former mudbrick artist’s studio turned straw bale yurt accommodation. Photo – Jaccob McKay.

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