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Live lighter and brighter

by Brendan Brazier

Live lighter and brighter

Welcome to early spring and to an issue of alive that examines the true meaning of lightened-up living. What does it mean to lessen the toxic load on our bodies? Our minds? Our planet?
Our feature is on actor, singer, screenwriter and entrepreneur Nikki Reed. Nikki co-founded BaYou With Love, a socially conscious lifestyle company that has partnered with tech titan Dell to turn gold found in discarded computers into alluring, upcycled jewelry. As I learned from Nikki, only about 12.5 percent of electronics are responsibly recycled in this country, and Americans throw away unwanted phones containing more than $60 million worth of gold and silver every year.
We talk mindfulness in sports with a longtime friend of mine, former Olympic sprinter Malachi Davis. The two of us met years ago at Tony Horton’s infamous (but profoundly effective) plyometric workout. The following week, Malachi took us to the UCLA track for one of his leg- and lung-burning sessions. As Alex Rodriguez’s go-to trainer, Malachi knows a thing or two about performance. In fact, he is credited, in part, for A-Rod’s dramatic comeback with the Yankees.
We pivot from athletics to esthetics as a dear friend and Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Kate Mansi, shares the toxin-free skincare and makeup routine that keeps her skin healthy and glowing.
In our Innovation Spotlight, we talk with Chris Guillemet, CEO and co-founder of Velofix, a mobile bike shop franchise business. Velofix will come to you to fix, tune up or completely overhaul your bike, saving you the downtime that having your wheels in a typical shop would result in.
We also chat with Suzy Amis Cameron about her new book and movement, OMD (“One Meal a Day for the Planet”), and how her plant-based approach can help preserve the environment.
Finally, we’re pleased to bring you part one of a two-part series on CBD (cannabidiol) and hemp oil, the hottest topic in natural health today. Part one is focused on the research into CBD to date. Part two will focus on the endocannabinoid system, the master regulator of the body and the reason for CBD’s effects (coming in our next issue!).

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